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With over 40 years experience of breaking and training horses of all disciplines, Jerry King's Training is the first stop for horses before stepping into specialized training for a future career. 

While Jerry solely shows roping and cutting horses, he is highly regarded for his exceptional abilities in training all types of horses to include a specialty in re-training problem horses.

Located on over 50 acres in Parkton, North Carolina, Jerry King’s Training has done business with many owners and trainers in the Southern Pines and surrounding areas to include Parker and Ed Minchin, Dianne and LP Tate, Mary Beth McLean, Gene Parker, Kris Hamilton, Jamie and Noel McDevitt, Don Sheehan, Keady Cadwell, Leslie Griewe, Terry Spell, Monica Watson, Dr. Brian Garrett, and Linda Monaco (Sky's Blue Boy) to name a few.
"For me, horse training is all about trying to gain their understanding and trust. I’m learning from their cues just as much as they’re learning from mine. Too many times I’ve seen people try to skip over the necessary work it takes to build the proper foundation in a horse’s training. This creates weak spots that inevitably surface at some point down the road.
Training starts as soon as the stall door or pasture gate opens and it continues until the horse is put up. Customers need to understand this so they can maintain the respect and training of the horse." 
Jerry King
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